Common reasons for a cracked screen
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Do you regularly drop your phone or find yourself cracking screens like cracking eggs on Easter? Clumsy thumbs maybe? Take a look below at some facts and statistics on US smartphone users with broken screens: Curious on how we shatter our screens? Take a look at some of the most common reasons below. This should …

swollen battery
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Think you can hold on a little longer to your precious device with that minor “boo boo”? Well, think again and watch out for these 5 warning signs before it’s too late: 1. The battery is not charging and drains out too quickly and often. via GIPHY 2. The phone screen bulges as a result …

right to repair
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The right to fix it all….yourself?

In recent news, Apple has been fighting laws that make it easier to repair your iPhone. Well, what is the Right to Repair Movement? A bill is being considered in Nebraska for a “right to repair” proposal where device manufacturers like Apple and Samsung would be required to provide repair parts and manuals to customers …