Repairs & Services


  • All repairs provided by Fix It All are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty for up to 1 year, exactly from the date service was purchased. If your repaired device appears to be having issues after a repair, you can bring your device for a warranty diagnostic.


  • Fix it All does not guarantee that a device is repairable and will not work on your device without your written prior authorization and consent. All sales are final only for repair services unless an accessory or physical part has been purchased.


  • Fix It All will provide a full inspection and free diagnostic on your device prior to the repair being completed. However, the purchaser of service will truthfully and to the best of his/her own knowledge select the most appropriate repair. If other problems are found with your device, Fix It All will contact the owner immediately before completing repairs and will also contact you if your device is beyond repair. If you do not truthfully select the right repair (to your best knowledge), we reserve the right to refuse service and return your device.


  • Fix It All does not guarantee that we reuse or replace any screen protectors or cases that may come originally on the device. They may be subject to removal and discarding if necessary during repair. Fix It All will not be responsible for any cases or boxes received.


  • Repair Services provided by Fix It All may require us to reset the software/hardware of your device. The customer is solely responsible for proper backup of their devices and is encouraged to do so prior to actual repairs. If in the event that you have lost your jailbreak or root access to your device, Fix It All will not be held responsible for any data loss and as such, will not be covered under our warranty.


Fix It All 1 Year Warranty


  • Fix It All’s 1-year warranty is made exclusively for the benefit of the original customer of the preceding repair, and is thus, non-transferable. The warranty does not apply to water damaged devices, jailbroken devices, rooted devices, and devices repaired previously by someone else other than Fix It All.


  • Our warranty covers manufacturer-related part defects on parts installed by Fix It All as well as the workmanship associated with the preceding repair only and does not cover any supplemental damage. Manufacturer-related defect symptoms may include one or more of the following: a spontaneous or abrupt decline in overall device functionality, touchscreen sensitivity, or LCD performance.


  • Exclusions to this warranty include and are not limited to supplemental damage. Supplemental damage can be defined as any damage unrelated to the preceding repair, including, but not limited to, physical damage or liquid damage to the device. Physical and/or liquid damage which occurs after a completed repair will void this warranty. Additionally, this warranty is automatically voided in the event of a manufacturer software enhancement that adversely affects the functionality of the phone. Fix It All reserves all rights to resolve all disputes concerning this acknowledgment of Fix It All’s 1-year warranty coverage.



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